The Line Up and Dates

September 2019


Taking it a step further Nest of Voices now introduce Mumbo-Jumbo featuring Oliver who previously appeared for us with Men in General.

A close-harmony, eclectic, semi-acoustic piano-led wonder, Mumbo-Jumbo brings together three top Midlands singer/songwriters to produce an ‘Eclectic Acoustic’ sound that is all their own at festivals, theatres and village halls across the country.

The band’s second CD ‘Sonic Gumbo’ has been highly received, and they are double nominees in the British Blues Awards.

The trio, Oliver Carpenter, Chris Lomas and Phil Bond, all established lead vocalists combine to also produce strong complex tight harmonies. Add to this the nine instruments they play between them and you have wide ranging musical textures, sounds and flavours, excellent musicianship and strong songwriting.

“The musicianship is unsurpassable, and the songwriting is excellent.” Blues in Britain magazine

May 2019 Series


Jazz singers at heart, the four members of vocal quartet Åkervinda share a deep love of folk music, and give new life to the Scandinavian folk tunes in their original and modern interpretations.

Like so many storytellers and artists before them, Iris, Agnes, Linda and Lise carry tales of women throughout the ages, embodied in a visual musical live performance. The group have performed at an array of European vocal festivals and folk venues and at venues in Canada and the USA. They come to The Nest straight from a performance with The Swingles in London.


The intriguingly named Cotswold Canal Singers were founded in 2016 to bring the best of local classical singers together to raise money for the Cotswold Canal Trust and other local causes. Drawing singers from excellent choirs including Bath Camarata, Cappella, Nova and St.Cecelia Singers, the Cotswold Canal Singers provides variety and entertainment, and a rich musical experience. Works chosen vary madrigal to barbershop, from mediaeval to contemporary with highlights including Benjamin Britten’s Ceremony of Carols and William Byrd’s Great Service.


A barometer of blokedom, Men in General mix à cappella classics with comedy, advice on relationships, colour, family, home baking and the tender side of Man. Includes highly interactive flights of fancy. Fast-moving and funny, featuring members of The Spooky Men’s Chorale (Australia), Mumbo-Jumbo, a Bargain Hunt expert and a geography graduate.

Our sellout performers last year the ‘Men’ are back to share their beautiful harmonies and their confusion with the world. ‘musicality and life enriching’ Rod Clements, Lindisfarne

Thurs 23 May HEREFORD POLICE MALE VOICE CHOIR                           

Hereford Police Choir was formed in 1957 when the then Herefordshire Constabulary celebrated its centenary. The choir has sung in some of the finest concert halls in the land, including the Royal Albert Hall. However, the Choir’s big claim to fame came with their performance in the 2008 BBC1 TV show ‘Last Choir Standing’ which brought them world-wide acclaim. It also earned the Choir the Elgar Award for outstanding achievement, and an invitation to the 2010 International Police Music Festival in Zurich.

September 2018 Series

Thursday 6 September – EXCELSA VOCES

Ethereal’ and ‘utterly superb’, Excelsa Voces performances are an immersive experience seamlessly blending medieval and contemporary music. The quintet of singers, led by soprano Paula Evans, will create an immersive soundscape with a programme that ranges from 12th century chant to contemporary works. ‘An evening of extraordinary beauty, I urge you not to miss it’ Gloucester Echo

Thursday 13 September – MEN IN GENERAL

A barometer of blokedom, Men In General mix à cappella classics with comedy, advice on relationships, what not to wear, home baking, car parking and the tender side of Man. Includes highly interactive flights of fancy. Fast-moving and funny, featuring members of The Spooky Men’s Chorale (Australia), Mumbo-Jumbo and a Bargain Hunt expert.. ‘musicality and life enriching’ Rod Clements, Lindisfarne

Thursday 20 September – THE LONGEST JOHNS

The Longest Johns are a Bristol based, a capella folk music band, born out of a mutual love of traditional folk songs and shanties. They rock maritime songs alongside the more unusual and less traditional folk tunes. Whether performing songs that are hundreds of year old, or their own original creations, the Johns bring a new feel to audiences wherever they go.

Thursday 27 September – HEREFORD SOUL CHOIR